When Something Bad Happens

When Something Bad Happens You Have Lots Of Negative Thoughts, Emotions, Reactions Behaves And It’s Hard To Overcome.

There Is Always The Pattern Like This.

First You Have Negative Thoughts, Later Comes Negative Emotions, The Next Are Negative Reactions. You Should Be Aware Of That Because It’s Always The Same Process.

After Some Times You Start To Get Used To That Situation. You Became More Calm, Your Thoughts Telling You That It’s Has Happened And It’s Over Now, Emotions Are Not So Strong Anymore And After Some Time You Start Acting Normal. How Much Time Whole Process Will Take It Depends From How Much Important For You Was The Bad Thing What Has Happened.

However It Don’t Have To Be A Long Time.

If You Are Aware Of Pattern, Aware Of Process, If You Realize That It’s Natural Thing. When You Start To Control Your Thoughts, Emotions And Reactions Then You Gonna See That This Bad Thing What Happend To You, Don’t Have Any More So Strong, Negative Power And That You Can Much Faster Return To Your Normal State.



4 thoughts on “When Something Bad Happens

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