I’m Lucas, I’m 30 years old. Since 10 years I’m interested in motivation, spirituality, self improvement. I became way from regular person through a person who is more aware of sourronding his world until the person who is really enlightened.

I want to share with You, my experience, my observations, problems and obstacles what i have had on my way to freedom.

Why freedom? Because I feel fully free person. Don’t misinterpret. I Still live in way like a regular person, I eat, sleep, drink, enjoy spending time. However, I have inside of me very different force against the whole lot of people living in this world. I’m not the only person who lives in that way, but I’m one of those. Because Of this blog, I Hope That I want to Help You in Your Personal Way to Freedom.

I want in this blog share my thoughts, which I’ve assembled through my 10 year’s Journey to became a better man, the better person, free men.

I Hope That You’ll Enjoy This Stuff and Will Be Excited like I’m Right Now.

Enjoy the Lecture

Lukasz Wlodarczyk, Free MAN

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If You Have Any Questions, Problems, Ideas Or Just Want To Share With Me Something Please Don’t Hesitate Contact With Me via email:


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