Thoughts Are Not Real

Thoughts Are Real And Not Real And That Is How We Should Treat Them.

They Are Real Because Are Exist, However Are Not Real Because Subject Of Thoughts Are Very Often Not True. Some Of That Thoughts Are The Fears, Desires, Woes, Expectations And Those Things Are Not Real, They Don’t Exist In The Act Of Speaking.

Imagine That You Desire Of Something. You Have Thoughts About This Desire, It Seems Real But It Isn’t. It’s Just Construction Of Thoughts About This Particular Desire. So Have You Should Be Attached To Those Thoughts? No, You Should To Observe Thoughts, Observe How This Thoughts Are Connecting With Other Thoughts And In That Perspective Realize About False Of Thoughts. Thoughts Are Not Real. They Are Just Construction Of The Brain, Mind. They, Look Like Real But They Aren’t. It’s Just Illusion Of The Mind.

Be Aware Of It.



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