Aware Of Thoughts

Sometims You Have A Thought, Later You Start Thinking About That. Then You Have Lots Of Thoughts Combined With This Primary Thought. Depend What’s Your Starting Thought Then Your Combined Thoughts Will Be Different. It’s Important To Understand How Your Brain Is Functioning. When You Have Some Thought You Start Automatically Thinking About Subject Of This Thought. Your Mind Is Starting To Create A Special Construction Of This Thought.

That’s A Nautural Thing, And It’s Good, Becouse We Can To Evolve. However, Sometimes We Are In Situation That Is Overwhelming For Us, And We Start Thinking A Lot About Something And It’s Hard For Us To Stop It. It’s Important For Us What Is Happen And Why Is Happen.

Responsible For That Is The Contruction Of Thoughts And Some Accelerator, Like For Example Something What Make Us Emotionally Reactive.

Because We Think About Something, And We Are Not Aware About Process Of Thinking Than A Random Situations That Happens In Our Lives, Can Make Us Emotionally Reactive, Can Make That Some Situation Can Overwhelm Us.

Responsible For That Is This Construction Of Thoughts, One Basic Thought And Other Thoughts Which Are Succession Of This First Thought. If We Are Not Aware Of That, Then Our Brains Are Gonna Accumulate This Thoghts And It All Combine Will Makes Us Emotionally Reactive, It Makes That Situations In Our Lives Will Overwhelm Us.

Be Aware Of Thoughts



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