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When Something Bad Happens

When Something Bad Happens You Have Lots Of Negative Thoughts, Emotions, Reactions Behaves And It’s Hard To Overcome.

There Is Always The Pattern Like This.

First You Have Negative Thoughts, Later Comes Negative Emotions, The Next Are Negative Reactions. You Should Be Aware Of That Because It’s Always The Same Process.

After Some Times You Start To Get Used To That Situation. You Became More Calm, Your Thoughts Telling You That It’s Has Happened And It’s Over Now, Emotions Are Not So Strong Anymore And After Some Time You Start Acting Normal. How Much Time Whole Process Will Take It Depends From How Much Important For You Was The Bad Thing What Has Happened.

However It Don’t Have To Be A Long Time.

If You Are Aware Of Pattern, Aware Of Process, If You Realize That It’s Natural Thing. When You Start To Control Your Thoughts, Emotions And Reactions Then You Gonna See That This Bad Thing What Happend To You, Don’t Have Any More So Strong, Negative Power And That You Can Much Faster Return To Your Normal State.



Thoughts Are Not Real

Thoughts Are Real And Not Real And That Is How We Should Treat Them.

They Are Real Because Are Exist, However Are Not Real Because Subject Of Thoughts Are Very Often Not True. Some Of That Thoughts Are The Fears, Desires, Woes, Expectations And Those Things Are Not Real, They Don’t Exist In The Act Of Speaking.

Imagine That You Desire Of Something. You Have Thoughts About This Desire, It Seems Real But It Isn’t. It’s Just Construction Of Thoughts About This Particular Desire. So Have You Should Be Attached To Those Thoughts? No, You Should To Observe Thoughts, Observe How This Thoughts Are Connecting With Other Thoughts And In That Perspective Realize About False Of Thoughts. Thoughts Are Not Real. They Are Just Construction Of The Brain, Mind. They, Look Like Real But They Aren’t. It’s Just Illusion Of The Mind.

Be Aware Of It.



Aware Of Thoughts

Sometims You Have A Thought, Later You Start Thinking About That. Then You Have Lots Of Thoughts Combined With This Primary Thought. Depend What’s Your Starting Thought Then Your Combined Thoughts Will Be Different. It’s Important To Understand How Your Brain Is Functioning. When You Have Some Thought You Start Automatically Thinking About Subject Of This Thought. Your Mind Is Starting To Create A Special Construction Of This Thought.

That’s A Nautural Thing, And It’s Good, Becouse We Can To Evolve. However, Sometimes We Are In Situation That Is Overwhelming For Us, And We Start Thinking A Lot About Something And It’s Hard For Us To Stop It. It’s Important For Us What Is Happen And Why Is Happen.

Responsible For That Is The Contruction Of Thoughts And Some Accelerator, Like For Example Something What Make Us Emotionally Reactive.

Because We Think About Something, And We Are Not Aware About Process Of Thinking Than A Random Situations That Happens In Our Lives, Can Make Us Emotionally Reactive, Can Make That Some Situation Can Overwhelm Us.

Responsible For That Is This Construction Of Thoughts, One Basic Thought And Other Thoughts Which Are Succession Of This First Thought. If We Are Not Aware Of That, Then Our Brains Are Gonna Accumulate This Thoghts And It All Combine Will Makes Us Emotionally Reactive, It Makes That Situations In Our Lives Will Overwhelm Us.

Be Aware Of Thoughts



Fear Of Success

Fear Of Success – What Is That?

It’s A Silly Thing. You Think That You Can Accomplish This Or That, But In The Matter Of Fact We Have Somethingh What Hold Us Back. Very Often The Name Of It Is The “Fear Of Success”. It’s A Kind Of Thing Which When You Think About Accomplishing Something, It Scares You, It Scares You That You Can Achieve Something. For A One Second You Think How Great It Would Be To Do Something But In Another Second You Are Scared That It Can Actually Happend. You Think What That Particular Change Gonna Do With Your Life And You Feel Overwhelmed By That Thoughts. You Have To Understand That It’s Nothing. It’s Only Ilusion Of Your Mind And You Should Make Changes, You Should Direct Your Life On A Way Which You Want No Matter Of Fears, Illusions And Everything What Separates You From Those Decisions.



Dancing Scene

There Is A Scene In Tv Show From 80’s, Called “Twin Peaks”. In One Of The Episodes, Leland Palmer Is Doing Crazy Dance, It’s A Madness Dance, People Are Staring On Him And Feel That Something Is Not Right, But Sudenly To Leland Join Catherine Martel And She Also Starts To Dance In A Crazy Way, But She Laugh Also. People Seeing That Start To Clap In Hands, Laugh And Also Start Dancing, They Forget About The Feeling From The Beginning And Now Do They Daily Routine.

Why I’m Telling About That Scene?

Because In Real Life We Do This Everyday. We Have Our Feelings, But Because Of Thoughts, Rationalization, Social Behavior, We Forget About It. And Sometimes We Should Trust Our Feelings Because They Say To Us Things Which Thoughts Will Never Pay Attention Into.



dancing scene

Why Changes Are Danger?

Why Changes Are Danger?

Changes Are Not Danger. But Because Of Changes Whe Can Change Something Inside Us Or In Surrounding Us World, Changes Can Have Affect On Our Relations With The World, Or How The World Views Us.

Things What Stop Us From The Changes Are Like The Ego, The Homeostasis, The Fear. We Afraid That We Gonna Loose Our Habits, That We Gonna Loose Our Friends. We Afraid How Family Will Take Our Changes, We Fear That Our Dreams Or Plans Gonna Change, Because All Of This Things We Afraid To Make Changes. And To Be Honest It Can Happens, However It’s Not A Reason To Make Effort And Do Changes. Because Of Changes We Can Achieve Something, We Can Make Our Dreams Comes True, We Can Improve Our Spiritual And Material Situation.

It’s Good To Make Changes, So Let’s Make It.



Spiritual Change In Your Life

To Make Spiritual Change, It’s A Process. It Takes Years And Years Of Learning And Practice. How Much Time You Spend On That It’s Gonna Have An Influence How Fast You Adopt This In Your Life.

Some People Can Think That It Takes One, Two Or Three Years. No. It’s Permanently, Never Ending Journey. It’s A Journey Of Your Life And Gonna Take As Much Time As You Gonna Be Live.

Maybe It Sounds Shocking When I Say That It’s Gonna Take All Youe Life, But In The Matter
Of Fact That’s How It Is. And That’s Good. Because It’s Good To Feel The Change A Whole Your Life.

It’s Important When You Try Change Something In Your Life To From The Beginning Think About It With A Whole Life Perspective. Then Your Mind Starts To Work In A Different Way And You Have Stronger Motivation And Less Resistance About Your Change. It’s All Psychology.

Make Changes, Thinking About It Like A Changes Until The End Of Your Life.



Read The Body Language

After Spending Years And Years On Observation Others And Yourself You Start To See What People Thinks, What People Feel, You Start To See Others Emotions, Desires, Fears, Thought Loops.

It’s All Getting Started When You Observe, When You Know What To Observe. It’s Good To Observe Surrounding You World, Interactions, People.

However The Biggest Observations Brings You The Observation Of Yourself.

At One Point All The People Are The Same. We All Have Got The Same Reactions, Behaviors, Thoughts. We Think That We And Our Reactions Are Unique, But It Doesn’t. We All Are The Same. At One Point. So If We Can Observ Ourselves, We Can Be Aware What Happens With Other Peoples, With Reactions Between People, With All The Social Behavior. And It’s Good, Because Of It We Can Be Aware What Happens With Us And Can Improve Life Of Ourselves.