Homeostasis – What Is A Homeostasis? In Simple Words It’s An Ability Of The Organism To Stay In Stability. Because Of It, Our Bodies Can Normally Function. We Need This Stability To Live. In Internal And External Dimension. I Mean That We Need Homesostasis In Our Bodies To Normally Live Internal As Organs And Functions Inside The Organism, And External As Our Interactions With Surrounding Us World, Like People, Relations, Social Conditioning.

Why It’s So Important?

Because All Living Creatures Needs Stability To Grow, Live And Evolve.

Evolution Gave Us This Tool So We Can Grow Up In Peace And Balance.

We Even Don’t Have An Idea How Often Our Behavior Is Dictate By This Tool, By Homeostasis.

It’s Very Important When We Think About It In The Context Of Changes. We Often Have Natural Resistance When Something In Our World Gonna Be Changed Or If We Want To Change Something In Us. This Natural Resistance Is A Homeostasis. Homeostasis Works For Us As A Balance, Don’t Want To Change Anything In Us And In Surrounding Us World.

But, It’s Not Always Good, Sometimes It Has Negative Influence When We Have To Deal With Laziness, Or Fear Of Changes. We Should Be Aware That Homeostasis Is Responsible For That.

Maybe Not Always, Maybe Not Always, But Still.

Stay Free, Make Changes




Reading, To Know Vs Doing, Be Aware

Reading, To Know vs Doing, Be Aware All The Time

There Is A Difference Between Knowing Something And Truly Understand.

It’s A Very Common On Spiritual Journey.

Very Often Things What We Are Talking About In Spirituality Have Common Understand. Those Things Are Not Hard To Understanding. However To Truly Understand It You Need To Have Something More, You Need A Deeper Understanding, Awarness.

What I Mean Saying “Deeper Understanding”?

I Mean That To Really Understand Something You Have To Participate In It.

You Can Read A Million Books About Spirituality, Psychology, Sociology But To Really Understand Spirituality You Have To Follow This Way. You Have To Practice, You Have To Be Aware All The Time Things What Are Going Around You.

I Mean It’s Difference Between See The World As A Regular Person And As A Spiritual Person.

And This Difference You Can Not Understand, You Have To Practice, Follow That Direction And After All You Become Aware.




In Age 12

In Age 12, I’ve Decided Not To Be Angry On Anything Because I Wanted Live 100 Years.

Sounds Funny But I Figured It Out, That Being Upset Is Like Losing Vital Energy. I Thought That Every Time, When I Getting Angry, Part Of My Energy Goes Away. And, I Don’t Know Why, But I Wanted Live 100 Years And I Thought That Would Be Nice Score, To Live 100.

Now I Lost A Little Bit Energy So I Think That I Gonna Be Live 92 Years But Still Think That It Can Be Nice Time To Spend On Earth.

It’s A Funny Idea, If You’ll Not Be Lose Energy For Anger You’ll Be Live Longer.

I Don’t Know Are There Some Examinations About That, But Think That Can Be An Interesting Subject For Scientists.


long life


Let’s Have Fun. These Days Fun Have A Different Meaning. In The Past When

Life Goes Slower People Feel Fun In A Different Way, Had The Fun Inside You. There Was A Less Confusion. These Days, When People Are More Confused About Themselves, Instead Have Fun They Looking For Fun, They Look Something What Fulfil They Needs For Fun And Entertainment.

Why I Tell About It?

Because If You Insted Having Fun Inside Your Body, Inside You, Try To Find It In Outer World, Than You Missing Something.

Then You Miss This Little Part In Your Body What Is Responsible For Inner Smile, Something Stronger Than Loud Laugh. This Inner Smile Which Make You Feel Light As A Feather And Give You The Feelings That Life Is Amazing.

But To Have This Inner Smile, Back Again, You Need To Stop Chasing The World And Become The Part Of The World, Which Is More Stronger.

Stay Inner, Stay Free




No More

No More Wars, No More Crimes, No More Terrorist Attacks, No More Bad Behavior, No More Violence, No More Being Vulgar, No More Evil, No More Envy, No More Negativity, No More Negative Emotions

Is It Too Much?

-I Don’t Think So

Regards Lucas

no more

Just Do What You Feel

I’ve Been In My Life Taking A Lot Of Directions. When I Was Starting My Journey, I Even Didn’t Know That It’s Gonna Be Journey. But It Was, It Is Still and Will Never End.

Think About Your Life, About Your Choices What You’ve Made. Is It Always Was What You Really Wanted? Maybe Sometimes You’ve Scared, Maybe You Didn’t Have Enough Courage To Make A Difference, Maybe Sometimes You Didn’t Know Which Way To Choose. Maybe Even I Had This Type Of Hesitation, It’s Normal.

But I Don’t Have Anymore.

I Don’t Know Is It Because Of Age, Experience, Meditation, Spiritual Journey, My Health Condition But It’s The Fact. I Don’t Hesitate Anymore, I Don’t Hasitate Anymore In Front Of Decision What I Have To Make And I Know That It’s The Right Decision.

Meditation Helped Me To Connect With My Core, With My Soul. Now Everything Is Clear.

Do What You Feel. Just Do What You Feel.

For Me It’s Like A Mantra. Just Do What You Feel.

I Think That People Know About That But Don’t Realize The Power Of That.

In Normal Life The Real Feelings Are Often Blended With Fears, Emotions, Desires, Amd We Often Don’t Know What Is Real Feelings, What Is The Core. It’s All Because We Move Away Our Souls From The Whirlpool Of Life. If You Become Center, You’re More Aware About Yourself And About Your Feelings. And It Is Good Thing, Because When You Do What You Feel Than No Matter Of Result Of Your action It’s Always A Good, Because You’ve Done What You Feel And What You
Feel Is Always The Right Thing.

I Will Not Tell You About Your Feelings, But When You Stop For A While, Take A Deep Breath, Look Straight Ahead, Then You Gonna Know What Your Feelings Are And What You Should Do


Ego –

What Is Ego?

Is It Really So Important?

Does Everyone Of Us Have An Ego?

Yes, It’s Important. It’s Important To Understand That Not Everything What Is In Your Head Is Real. Like Ego.

Ego Has Got Everyone. We Born With Ego And Die With Ego. But We Are Not Ego. Ego Is Something What Was Thrown On Us Since We Were Born.

Ego Is Something What Is Telling You That You Are This Kind Of Person, Or That Kind Of Person. Ego Is A Silent Voice In Your Head That Is Telling You That You Can Achieve Something Or You Can Not To Achieve Something.

Ego Is Not Real. However Ego Is Telling You That Is Real.

Think About So Many Times That Ego Was Telling You That You Can Not Do This, However, With Some Magical Force You’ve Done It. It’s A One Of The Moments When You Can To Expose The Ego.

Ego Want To Tell You That You Are This Type Of Person, That You Have This Status, That As A This Type Of Person You Should Act In That Way. It’s All False. You Don’t Have To Do It. You’ve Got Your Own Sense Of Self, Maybe Just You Need A Help To Discover It.




People Robots

There Where Times, When Everything Was Slow. Slow Times, No Television, Just Radio Came Up. People Knew Who They Were, They Knew What Their Feelings Were. Later Everythings Speeded Up. We Got Now Television, Internet, Morning Tv Shows, Now We’ve Got Huge Knowledge, We Think That We Are Smart, We Think That We Know All About Surrounding Us Worl. We’ve Got Knowledge About Planets, Environment, Medicine, Geographie, Microbiologic And We Are So Smart. So Super Smart. But In It, We Forget Who We Are. We Lose Connection With Ourselves. We Try To Identify Ourselves By Facebook, By “Likes”, About Commenting Our Status, Posting. We Try To Find Ourselves In This Jungle Of Fast Information.

That’s The Difference. When You Live Slower You Know More About Who You Are Because You Feel It Inside, And Whe Everything Goes Fast It’s Harder To Find Yourself, And We Instead Look For It Inside Of Us, Try To Find It In Outer Resources Like Social Media, Spiritual Leaders, Life Coaches. And Maybe It’s A Simple To Stand For A While, Take A Deep Breath And Connect With Yourself. Just Maybe.

Feel That Fresh Air, Feel Your Body, Feel Your Thoughts, Feel The Existence. Just Maybe


Why Spiritual Development?

I Don’t Know.

Many People Is Deciding To Take The Jouurney Of Spiritual Development.


Maybe It’s A Lack Of Answers From Religions. Now, When People Know More About Surrounding Them World The Answers What Gives You Religion Is Not Enough, They Need To Know More About Who They Are, Why They Are, What Is The Purpose Of Life?

I Don’t Know Answers For That Questions. I Think That We Just Live, And Questions Don’t Have Matter As Long We Know What We Are Doing.

Why People Decide For Spiritual Way?

I Think That’s Also Because Of Civilization. We Live Very Fast Right Now. It’s Hard To Find Connection With Ourselves.

Do We Have To Know The Answers For Those Questions?

Some Of Us, Yes. But For Me, Life Is A Life. We Just Live. We Have Laugh, Fun, Sometimes Cry, And It Doesn’t Really Matter The Questions What We Have, As Long We Do What We Feel.

You Can All Your Life Ask And Looking For The Answer, Maybe You’ll Find, Maybe You Don’t. And If It’s Really Important To You, You Should Look For It, And If That Don’t Have So Much Matter You Should Drop Off, Because It’s Really Don’t Have So Much Mutter. We Still Gonna Be Live.

And Question Do We Decide Go This Spiritual Way Or Not Is Our Decision. I Believe In Any Decision As Long You Do It With Your Core, With Your True Feelings.

If You’ve Got Too Much Over Your Head

Sometimes Happens That You Are Too Busy, You’ve Got A Lot Of Stuff Flying Around You And It’s Hard To Keep Your Schedule/Agenda Tight. What To Do Than?

When You Are Intermediate, And You Are Act Consistently, Then Sometimes You Can Be Addicted From Doing Everything From Your Agenda. It’s A Good Thing. However, Sometimes Can Come Up Something Unexpected And It’s Messing Up Your Little Schedule And Messing Up With You. You Feel A Little Frustrated And Overwhelmed. What To Do Then?

Well, We Are Just Humans, We Cannot Do Everything. It’s Important To Know Your Balance. Sometimes Something Can Come Up And What To Do Then? Just Let It Go. Let It Fly. You don’t Have To Always Do Everything With Your List, Espedcially When You Are Overwhelmed. Sometimes It’s Good To Give Up, Go A Chill A Little Bit. And Later, After A While, Go Back To your Agenda.

I’m Talking Ofcourse About Situation When You Are Already Intermediate. When You Know Enough Yourself And Your Boundries, But Sometimes You Have To Learn To Be In Balance. I Encourage You To Hear Yourself, Listen Your Core. Your Core Will Tell You More Than You Will Expect.

I Encourage You To Take The Action