Why Changes Are Danger?

Why Changes Are Danger?

Changes Are Not Danger. But Because Of Changes Whe Can Change Something Inside Us Or In Surrounding Us World, Changes Can Have Affect On Our Relations With The World, Or How The World Views Us.

Things What Stop Us From The Changes Are Like The Ego, The Homeostasis, The Fear. We Afraid That We Gonna Loose Our Habits, That We Gonna Loose Our Friends. We Afraid How Family Will Take Our Changes, We Fear That Our Dreams Or Plans Gonna Change, Because All Of This Things We Afraid To Make Changes. And To Be Honest It Can Happens, However It’s Not A Reason To Make Effort And Do Changes. Because Of Changes We Can Achieve Something, We Can Make Our Dreams Comes True, We Can Improve Our Spiritual And Material Situation.

It’s Good To Make Changes, So Let’s Make It.




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