Read The Body Language

After Spending Years And Years On Observation Others And Yourself You Start To See What People Thinks, What People Feel, You Start To See Others Emotions, Desires, Fears, Thought Loops.

It’s All Getting Started When You Observe, When You Know What To Observe. It’s Good To Observe Surrounding You World, Interactions, People.

However The Biggest Observations Brings You The Observation Of Yourself.

At One Point All The People Are The Same. We All Have Got The Same Reactions, Behaviors, Thoughts. We Think That We And Our Reactions Are Unique, But It Doesn’t. We All Are The Same. At One Point. So If We Can Observ Ourselves, We Can Be Aware What Happens With Other Peoples, With Reactions Between People, With All The Social Behavior. And It’s Good, Because Of It We Can Be Aware What Happens With Us And Can Improve Life Of Ourselves.




3 thoughts on “Read The Body Language

  1. hy, i do agree with you!!!!
    but generally people are so busy observing others that
    how they think?
    how they react?
    they never know that ,because
    everyone is busy in seeing what others do…… bdw nice post (y) 🙂

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  2. when i s@id observing others then i meant- what people think ,do and say???
    thats what observing really mean ryt!!! …
    and yes when people observe what others think see or say they merely, are interested in it …

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