Homeostasis – What Is A Homeostasis? In Simple Words It’s An Ability Of The Organism To Stay In Stability. Because Of It, Our Bodies Can Normally Function. We Need This Stability To Live. In Internal And External Dimension. I Mean That We Need Homesostasis In Our Bodies To Normally Live Internal As Organs And Functions Inside The Organism, And External As Our Interactions With Surrounding Us World, Like People, Relations, Social Conditioning.

Why It’s So Important?

Because All Living Creatures Needs Stability To Grow, Live And Evolve.

Evolution Gave Us This Tool So We Can Grow Up In Peace And Balance.

We Even Don’t Have An Idea How Often Our Behavior Is Dictate By This Tool, By Homeostasis.

It’s Very Important When We Think About It In The Context Of Changes. We Often Have Natural Resistance When Something In Our World Gonna Be Changed Or If We Want To Change Something In Us. This Natural Resistance Is A Homeostasis. Homeostasis Works For Us As A Balance, Don’t Want To Change Anything In Us And In Surrounding Us World.

But, It’s Not Always Good, Sometimes It Has Negative Influence When We Have To Deal With Laziness, Or Fear Of Changes. We Should Be Aware That Homeostasis Is Responsible For That.

Maybe Not Always, Maybe Not Always, But Still.

Stay Free, Make Changes





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