Just Do What You Feel

I’ve Been In My Life Taking A Lot Of Directions. When I Was Starting My Journey, I Even Didn’t Know That It’s Gonna Be Journey. But It Was, It Is Still and Will Never End.

Think About Your Life, About Your Choices What You’ve Made. Is It Always Was What You Really Wanted? Maybe Sometimes You’ve Scared, Maybe You Didn’t Have Enough Courage To Make A Difference, Maybe Sometimes You Didn’t Know Which Way To Choose. Maybe Even I Had This Type Of Hesitation, It’s Normal.

But I Don’t Have Anymore.

I Don’t Know Is It Because Of Age, Experience, Meditation, Spiritual Journey, My Health Condition But It’s The Fact. I Don’t Hesitate Anymore, I Don’t Hasitate Anymore In Front Of Decision What I Have To Make And I Know That It’s The Right Decision.

Meditation Helped Me To Connect With My Core, With My Soul. Now Everything Is Clear.

Do What You Feel. Just Do What You Feel.

For Me It’s Like A Mantra. Just Do What You Feel.

I Think That People Know About That But Don’t Realize The Power Of That.

In Normal Life The Real Feelings Are Often Blended With Fears, Emotions, Desires, Amd We Often Don’t Know What Is Real Feelings, What Is The Core. It’s All Because We Move Away Our Souls From The Whirlpool Of Life. If You Become Center, You’re More Aware About Yourself And About Your Feelings. And It Is Good Thing, Because When You Do What You Feel Than No Matter Of Result Of Your action It’s Always A Good, Because You’ve Done What You Feel And What You
Feel Is Always The Right Thing.

I Will Not Tell You About Your Feelings, But When You Stop For A While, Take A Deep Breath, Look Straight Ahead, Then You Gonna Know What Your Feelings Are And What You Should Do


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