People Robots

There Where Times, When Everything Was Slow. Slow Times, No Television, Just Radio Came Up. People Knew Who They Were, They Knew What Their Feelings Were. Later Everythings Speeded Up. We Got Now Television, Internet, Morning Tv Shows, Now We’ve Got Huge Knowledge, We Think That We Are Smart, We Think That We Know All About Surrounding Us Worl. We’ve Got Knowledge About Planets, Environment, Medicine, Geographie, Microbiologic And We Are So Smart. So Super Smart. But In It, We Forget Who We Are. We Lose Connection With Ourselves. We Try To Identify Ourselves By Facebook, By “Likes”, About Commenting Our Status, Posting. We Try To Find Ourselves In This Jungle Of Fast Information.

That’s The Difference. When You Live Slower You Know More About Who You Are Because You Feel It Inside, And Whe Everything Goes Fast It’s Harder To Find Yourself, And We Instead Look For It Inside Of Us, Try To Find It In Outer Resources Like Social Media, Spiritual Leaders, Life Coaches. And Maybe It’s A Simple To Stand For A While, Take A Deep Breath And Connect With Yourself. Just Maybe.

Feel That Fresh Air, Feel Your Body, Feel Your Thoughts, Feel The Existence. Just Maybe



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