Why Spiritual Development?

I Don’t Know.

Many People Is Deciding To Take The Jouurney Of Spiritual Development.


Maybe It’s A Lack Of Answers From Religions. Now, When People Know More About Surrounding Them World The Answers What Gives You Religion Is Not Enough, They Need To Know More About Who They Are, Why They Are, What Is The Purpose Of Life?

I Don’t Know Answers For That Questions. I Think That We Just Live, And Questions Don’t Have Matter As Long We Know What We Are Doing.

Why People Decide For Spiritual Way?

I Think That’s Also Because Of Civilization. We Live Very Fast Right Now. It’s Hard To Find Connection With Ourselves.

Do We Have To Know The Answers For Those Questions?

Some Of Us, Yes. But For Me, Life Is A Life. We Just Live. We Have Laugh, Fun, Sometimes Cry, And It Doesn’t Really Matter The Questions What We Have, As Long We Do What We Feel.

You Can All Your Life Ask And Looking For The Answer, Maybe You’ll Find, Maybe You Don’t. And If It’s Really Important To You, You Should Look For It, And If That Don’t Have So Much Matter You Should Drop Off, Because It’s Really Don’t Have So Much Mutter. We Still Gonna Be Live.

And Question Do We Decide Go This Spiritual Way Or Not Is Our Decision. I Believe In Any Decision As Long You Do It With Your Core, With Your True Feelings.


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