We Are Animals, We Are Life

We Are Animals, We Are Life, We Are Humans, We Are Plants.

Very Often We Think About Ourselves Like About Superior Human Beings, And Maybe In It Is A Little Bit True But We Have To Remember That At The Beginning We Are Just Live Creatures Who Lives On The Earth Equally With Plants And Animals.

Some Of Us Can Say That “It’s Only Plants Or Animals” But They Are Wrong. We As The Same Like Other “Life” On This Planet We Are Built In A Similar Way. We Breath, We Live, We Try To Survive. It’s Important To Remember About It.

Some People Even Didn’t Know How Much Common We Have With Animals. Everyone Who At Least Once Saw The Cesar Milan “Dog Whisperer”, Who Read The “Selfish Gene” By Richard Dawkins, Who Is Watching The Nature Shows, Or Just Like To View By Himself Surrounding Nature Knows How Much In Common We Hawe With Animals. Some People Should Know That Not Only Humans, But Also Animals And Plants Can Feel, And We Have Scientifics Proves For That. We Should Live Free But We Should Also Remember About Surrounding Us World.




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