Meditation And The Train Of Thoughts

Why Meditation Is Good?

It Makes You More Come, You Are More Awaere About Yourself, Anout Your Thoughts About The World What Is Surrounding You. My First Experiences With Meditation Was Amazing, I’ve Started To See The Thoughts. Thoughts Was No Longer For Me The Same, Since Then I Saw Them Like A Cars Driving On The Motorway. Suddenly You Are Not The Same Person. You Start To See All Your Thoughts, You Start To See How They Affect On Your Behavior, On Your Reactions, On Your Self-Esteem, On Everything What Is Surrounding You. Thoughts Are Now Like A Map Where You Can See Highway And Ather Kinds Of Roads.

And Funny Things Begin.

Because You See This Train Of Thoughts, You Can Stop Them. You Can Reflect And Say To Yourself: “Hey, Those Are Just Thoughts, I Don’t Have To Listen Them, I Can Control Them, They Don’t Have To Overwhelm Me. And This Is The Moment When Magic Happens.

You’re No More The Same Person, You Have Changed. Now You Are More Aware About Yourself, About Your Thoughts, About Your Emotions. Now You Can Control Your Behavior And Become A Free In Your Life. That’s Because Of Meditation, Simple. Right?

No, It Is No Simple, To Achieve It Takes Hours And Hours Of Practice, Mistakes, Learning New Things, Be Patient, Be Disciplined And It’s A Hard Way. But, This Way Is Worth To Come Along It.

And Why Meditation Is Bad?

Meditation Is Not Bad. Only Persons Who Have Got A Schizophrenia Shouldn’t Do It. However, Meditation Is Hard To Go For A Person Who Fear Lose Themselves, Who Have Low Self-Esteem, Who Afraid To Lose An Identity. It’s Only Fear, It’s Nothing Real, So That Shouldn’t Be A Problem To Meditate.




6 thoughts on “Meditation And The Train Of Thoughts

  1. I think meditation really helps people become one with themselves and become more alert with their thoughts and consciousness. I’ve been doing it for a while and I think it’s helped quite a bit, not just with my stability but for my own awareness and it’s helped develop my thoughts! 🙂

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  2. I have been meditating since three years now and I can proudly say that it has changed me for good. I can feel the transformation in me, I used to be an angry person and Now, I am so chilled and so happy.
    Meditation provides one with focus which is so necessary in this world full of distractions!
    Great Post 🙂

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  3. Meditation, like prayer, is certainly one of the most ancient and beneficial disciplines … very spiritually and psychologically healthy if engaged in properly. Thank you for this article, and all the best to you!

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