The Power Of Thoughts

Everyone Has His Own Thoughts. It’s Good When They Those Are Positive, Then Makes You Happy And Full Of Energy. But What If Those Are Negative Thoughts, Thoughts That Have Negative Energy Behind Them. What’s Then? You Have To Teach Yourself To Control Them, To Control This Negative Thoughts. It’s Not Easy, At A Start. And Sometimes, When You Don’t Get Used To That, This Thoughts Can Overwhelm You, Sometimes You Can Meet The Peoples Who Have Negative Thoughts And Emotions, And They Want To Suck Your Energy To Feed Their Own Fears And Frustrations.

I Mean, That You Have To Figure It Out, How To Handle This Negative Thoughts, Not To Allow Them To Rule You, Instead Of That You Should Have To Learn How To Rule Those Negative Emotions.

I Think That Is Cool To Talk About Everything In A Positive Way, But You Have To Remember That There Is Also The Dark Side Of Live And We Have To Learn To Live With It Also.



stay strong


2 thoughts on “The Power Of Thoughts

  1. That is very true..more over if we think negative, it happens that way with us but if we remain positive think good, things get positive too.
    I watched “the secret” and realised how our thinking and words work!
    Great post lucas. 🙂

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