Less And Less

There Is In The World Less And Less Essence In Real Life. People Run And Run, Want, Rather To Click On Picture With Smart Sentence, Than Read The Book. I Understand That. We’ve Got Fast Times, Lot’s Of Infrmations Around Us, Social Media. We Thinking How Smart We Are In These Days But We Forget That We Lose Something. We Lose Connection With Ourself. We Think that Because We’ve Got More Information About The World, About Physics, Chemistry, History, Biology Medicine. We Think That Wo Know All. But We’ve Forgot About One Thing. Who Really We Are. We Can Name A Lot Of Things What Happens In Our World Or Our Lives, But We Forget Who Really We Are. We Forget About This Little Piece Inside Us. You Can Call It Soul, You Can Call It Freedom, It Doesn’t Matter. But Have Matter To Remember About That Little Spark.


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