Growing Up

When We Start To Grow Up, We Acquire Different Habits.


In Our Brains There Is Magic Thing Called Myelin. It’s a Substance In Your Brain Responsible For Teaching, Remember, Habits.

How It’s Working?

In A Simple Words, Than Longer You Do Something Than Is More Myelin And Your Habits, Abbilities To Think Or Remember Are Stronger.

Good Side Of It Is That We Can Normally Function In Our Lives, Society.

Bad Side Of It Is That We Have Habits Which Are Difficult To Change. Than Older We Become Than Is More Myelin In Our Brain And Our Habits Are Stronger.






Think About Yours All Habits, Do You Like Them All, Maybe You Would Like To Change Some Of Them But You Don’t Know How.

It’s Not Easy To Change Habits, However Now, When You Know, That Responsible For All Is Myelin, You Can Change It. You Are No More Slave Of Your Habits And You Can Change, Everything You Want.




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