How To Ask

People Say that He Is Not Saying Anything, That he Is Closed, That He Don’t Share Anything.

Does People Asking About Something Really Want To Know The Answer? Maybe There Is Something What Have An Influence On That.

Let’s Think. Will You Always Want To Know The Answer When You Ask Someone About Something. Maybe When You Ask You Are Driving By Fear, Social Pressure, Expectations Or Something Different. Does Always When You Ask You Want To Have An Answer.

People Often When Asking, Don’t Want To Know The Answer. They Do That Because They Have Got A Habit, Because Social Conditioning Telling Them To Ask.

What Is A Consequence Of That Question What Was Driving Not Through The Real Feeling? If, Your Question Is Not Honest, Is Not Congruent With What You Really Feel And Really Want to Ask Then Respond, What You Have From The Other Person Will Also Not Be Honest, True Or Congruent.

Imagine That Someone Is Asking You About Something What He In Reality Don’t Want To Ask and He Doing This Because Of Other Purpose. What Will Be Your Respond? Will You Response Honest, How Do You Feel Or Rather You Will Try To Duck About The Respons.

If The Question Is Not Said With True Feeling Than Answer Can Not Be Really Resonating With You.

Think About That. Asking About Something, Try To Say About Your Real Feelings, Not About Other Things What Have An Influence On You.

Try To Ask What You Feel. Don’t Be Fake. Be Real. Stay Free.


I’m Always Happy With Your Comments And Opinions.



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