Fear About Changes

Spiritual Change, How It Sounds? For Some People It’s Mystical, For Some Is Mysterious, For Some It’s Dumb. But What It Is And What Moves Are Involve In It.

Spiritual Change, Becoming A Spiritual Person, Spiritual Human Beings It’s Nothing Different As Stopping In Your Life Drive By Mind, And Starting Use As A Primary Driver A Feelings, A Strong Force Inside Your Body.

Most People Lives Driven By Their Minds, Reactions, Emotions. They Don’t Have To Much Control About Themselve Reactions. They Are Stuck In Their Own Minds. It’s the Only Kind Of World What They Know.

But There Is Also Different World. There Is A World Based On Spirituality.

How It Looks Like?

Imagine That Since That Moment There Is No Problems, There Is No More Must To Do The Thing, Imagine, That Since This Moment Your Life Begins To Change.

Interesting Fact… When I’m Starting To Write The Post I Never Know What I Gonna Write Exactly, I Know Subject, Concept But Don’t Know The Contents.

Right Now Your Mind Is Empty, And You Can To Fill In What Everything You Want.

It’s A Simple Trick How To Reset Your Mind.

Now You Can Become More Spiritual Person. What I Have On My Mind Saying Spiritual?

Since Now, Everything What You Gonna Do, Every Thing What You Gonna Think, Every Way How You’ll Behave Will Be Based About Your Inner Strength. Not Thoughts, Believes, But Your Own, Inner Wisdom, Which Every One Have. Maybe It Sounds Scary At The Start But After All it Is Worth The Sacrifice.

Why Sacrifice?

Because Changing Yourself Has Resulted In A Lot’s Of Areas Of Our Lives. Maybe It’s A Main Reason Why A Lot Of People Don’t Want To Hear About It. The Fear.

Try To Say It Loud. FEAR.

When You Change Yourself You Changing Not Only You, But Also Your Relations With Other People, Your Reactions To The World, Your Identity. A Lot Of People Are Scared, They Afraid, That Because Of Change They Lost Their Friends, They Lost Their Sense Of Who They Are. And…There Is A True In That. However It’s Not All True.

Every Change Has The Result In A Transformation, From A To The B There Is A Space. And This Space Is Calling Change. In This Time Of Change Some People Can React In A Weird Way About You Change. You’ll Notice In Yourself That You Are Changing As Well. Is It Scary? Yes, It Is. But Scare Is Not A Reason To Not Do It. Look, As People And You You Need The Time To Change, Need The Time To ACCEPT THE CHANGES. It’s crucial. Accept The Changes. And After All Changes Become More Natural And Things Will Be Back To the Normal, But Not To The Way How It Was, Will Be Normal But New, Changed Reality. But I’m Gonna Be honest With You. There Will Be Persons Who Will Not Accept NEW YOU. But , It’s Not A Reason To Not Make The Changes. And Frankly, You Shouldn’t Care About This So Much. And I Guarantee You, That After Change, You’ll Get A New Friends, New Behaves And New Interests.




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