What Does It Mean??

I Just feel That I Have to write something.

To describe what is written in My Blog About Being Free Man. But What Exacly does It mean.

What Does It Mean To Be A Free Man??

All Of Us Have The Same Things In Life What We Have To Do, Go to Job, Have Family, Friends, Responsibilities. Do I Can Still Be A Free Man Having So Much Thing On My Head?

Yes! I Can!

I’ll Write You, How.

Think About Social Conditioning. Think About How, People, Movies, Family, Friend, Spiritual Leaders Are Always Telling You, What To Do, What Is Right And What Is Wrong. Just Like You Didn’t Have Your Own Brain, Perspective, Experience.

Wake Up!!

You Have All Of Those Things. You’ve Got Brain, You’ve Got Your Own Perspective Of Life, You Have Done A Lot Of Things In Your Life, You Have Got An Experience!!

I’m Not Telling That No One Haven’t Never Right. They Are Really Often Have. But It Doesn’t Mean That You Should Always Listen To Someone, You Should Ask Yourself: “Do You Really Need A Help?” And If The Answer Is Yes, You Should Ask.

I Say, Don’t Be Another Brick In The Hall. To Have Your Own Perspective.

And Sorry For My English, I’m All the Time Learning.

Your Friend


Please Comment And Add Your Own Perspective.



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