Core vs. Rationalization

What Is Difference Between Core And Rationalization?

What Is The Core?

The Core It’s The Feeling Inside Your Body, Just Above Your Abdomen. It’s The Feeling That When You Have This, Then You Know That Everything Will Be All Right, No Matter The Result.

What Is The Rationalized Decision/Action? It’s The Action What You Make Rationalizing Things. You Do Think About Something So Much, Using Lots Of Combinations And Try To Put Thoughts Together, To Make Your Brain Happy Because Of Rationalization. Your Brain Need To Rationalize Everything. The Most importatnt Thing For Brain Is To Think About Something So Much Long to Make This Little Rationalized Thought Happy.

So What Are The Consequences Of Those Two Ways Of Action?

When You Act Accordingly To Your Core, When Your Actions Are Congruent With Your Feelings, Than All The Consequences Flow Like The Water, Everything Happens Naturally, The Result Don’t Have So Much Matter, So You Don’t Have The Problems With Coming Back To The Center, To The Core.

Otherwise, When Your Actions Had Begun Because Of Rationalization, Than Through All The Way Your Brain Is Working As A Machine To Rationalization (“It’s All Because Of This Or That”, “That Has To Be Like That Because” etc.). As A Consequences Your Brain Is Rationalizing Everything What Has Happened.

You Can Choose Do You Want To Be The Person Who Make Everything Naturally, From The Core Or The Person Who Do Everything To Rationalize.

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