Brain, Hallucination And How To See The World

There are scientists who saying that reality, what we see is in the matter of fact an illusion. We see things and we take them as a real thing that really exist. However, it’s only an illusion. Why? How to experience that?

We all can see a world, ano moment of life on a couple different ways.

For example, the regular people who see the world they know always what is true and what is not. They always have had them way of seeing the world. However, if you’ll try to see the world in a different way, let say, that your learning about hope people behave in some situations, let, say that if you are good in psychology, sociology, you got enough experience and knowledge, then your way how to see the world it’s a different than a way of regular person. Because, you see patterns in how the people react and that is changing of your point of view. I know this from my personal experience when I saw how social conditioning is changing how “You See The World”. Since that time my world was never ever the same. It was not the same because when you see how people react, why people react, when You see the patterns of human behaves, it’s completely changing you and how you’re viewing the world.

Now let’s go a step further. Let’s say that you know a lot about how people bahave, act and now you’re learning more about your spirit, you are deeper and deeper in a spiritual way. You are becoming more aware about Ego, About Yourself. You’re starting not to look at the people and the world, but more and more in your depth, more in your soul. That’s a different way of view, because you don’t see anymore the world as a regular person, and even this “KnowledgeableHumanBehavesPerson”, now you see the world in a spiritual way. It’s different and you feel different. You don’t have now so much attention about a world, but about yourself, your souls, your core. The view of the world has just changed.

You wanna go further?



Let Become more conscious about yourself.

You Spending Hours and Hours, Days, Months, Minutes, Seconds, About, Meditation.

Let Say That You Become Fully Aware, Conscious Person, Who See The World In A Very Basic Way. No More See Like A Regular Person, No More See As A Knowledgable Person, No More As A Spiritual Person. Now You Are Fully Aware Person And The Point Of View The World Has Been Changed. Now You Have Had Four Types Of Hallucination, Four Types To See The World.

There is another One Way How To See The World.

We can Say That It’s All A hallucination and only the real person viewing is right but it isn’t. However It’s Hard to accept for the”regular people” there are a different points of viewing the world and they all are hallucinations.

It’s probably because of quantum physics, but it’s a story for another day.

Cheers And Regards



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