I Would Do Something But I Don’t Want It vs. Motivation

Lot’s of people think in that way: “I would do something, but I don’t want it” They have a lack of Motivation. Think About that in this way, You’ve got Your life, One Life And You Can Decide How You gonna Spend It, It’s Up To You will You Do Some Action Or Not.

From Where It Comes From THIS KinWay Of Thinking? I don’t know Exactly, But it’s Not A problem To Change It Right Now.

I’ve Gotten In My Mind One Situation: “There Is A Man Who Want to Give A Dog A Half Of Sausage, He Thinks That This Portion Of Food Is A Wright For A Dog. But There Is A Laughing, Jeering Voice Of His Friends Who’s Saying” Half, Why Not All Nice Piece Of Sausage.” For this Friend Don’t Have Matter Thing That This Guy Think That Half Is Enough. He Want To Give A Whole Piece Of Sausage And Have A Peace Of Mind.

Why Am I Telling That Funny Story? I think That In Background Of This Situation The Most Important Thing is Behavior Of The Friend Who want To Do Something What He Necessarily Want To Do Only For Give Himself This Little Peace Of Mind.

Why It’s The Most Important In This? I Think that this kind of behavior is a milestone the lack of motivation. Think about so many situations in Your life, when You do something what you not necessarily want, but you are doing only to have a peace of mind. For example, you have been meeting someone with whom you don’t really want to talk, but because it would be impolite, you have been starting to talk with him, you really don’t want to , You feel like you want to get away, but because you’ve got something in your mind telling you to stay and talk you doing that, even if you really don’t want to. Am I saying that you shouldn’t talk with people? No. I’m just saying that you have to really ask yourself do You really want to do this, and then if the answer is yes, You Should, and If The Answer is Not, maybe instead of standing and talking better option for You I’ts just simply say “Hi, that’s cool that I saw You but I Have to go”. The Thing Is Not To be rude for someone just show Your Personal Boundaries.

It’s Just Only One example of this kind of behavior.

Let say that Your Children, Friends Or Collegues At Work wanna something from you, but you just turn them away using some not nice, rude phrase. You Are Doing That Only to have a peace of mind. And It’s One Of the Factors Lack Of Motivation.

Look, Sometimes It’s Good To Do Something What Makes A Peace Of Mind, Every One Of Us Sometimes Need It. But There Should Be A Balance, Because If You To Exceed This Right Line The Peace Of Mind, Than Peace Of Mind Will Start To Become Laziness Or Other Negative Type Of Behavior And It Comes to The Lack Of Motivation.

So, I Just Want To Say, That You Should Be More Aware And To Pay Attention On Your Own Behavior. Look At Yourself And Ask: “Will Am I Doing Or Not Doing Something To Have A Peace Of Mind, In The Good Positive Sense Or Just For This Lazy And Negative Way”. Your Body And Feeling Inside Of You Don’t Lie, Just Pay Attention And Listen To It.

It’s Just A Simple Advice: “Listen To Yourself”, I Believe That It Will Help You.


Please Don’t Afraid To Comment This Post Or Just to Say What You Are Thinking About That.


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