Hi, It’s Lucas here.

I’m here today because of a Confusion. Yesterday I Heard that “Confusion takes place when we do not like the answer we are given”. I Think Different, I Think That ” Confusion Is When We Give The Answer Which Isn’t Congruent With What We Feel Deep Inside Of Us”. I wanted to talk about it because it’s connected with freedom, with the real feeling what has had Everyone Of Us.

Think about it in this way… We All Feel. But sometimes we are in a situation that instead doing what we feel we are doing something different because of many reasons. SO, WHEN WE ACT IN THE WAY WHICH WE DON’T WANT TO, WE BECOME CONFUSED. After This Confusion Is Transformating in Anger, Powerlessness, Resistance Or Other Negative Emotion.

I Think That We Should Do What We Feel, We Gonna Be More Free In Our Actions And Less Confused, World Will Be Better. Will Be More People Who Are Living In Freedom.

Please Share Yout Thoughts And Questions.

Warm Regards



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